The Archive Project - Long Sleeve Tee

The Archive Project

Long Sleeve Tee

HKD 160.00

Introducing The LAKH Archive Project - a sustainable development in terms of upcycle some of our archive pieces from the unreleased samples of our past collection. Each pieces is unique, one of one and showcase the generic heritage and long-standing values of LAKH. Definitely deserve to be given a “Second Life”.

Here is your chance to get the rare and mystery LAKH archive items. Each box it’s unique and selected with our holy grail pieces.

We offer a range of selections including by categories (Tee / Long Tee / Shorts / Pants). A Boom Set with 1 Top and 2 bottoms including shorts and pants, and A Magic box with 10 pieces.

You may remark your preference on the instruction note at online cart page. Final decision will be made by our staff.

* These pieces are unreleased samples.
Returns and exchanges will not be accepted.