Established since 2016, with the goal of providing unlimited innovative ideas to the fashion game, LAKH has come to its 5th anniversary this November. To mark this milestone, we pull together to present the 5th anniversary pop-up theming in “Living in Grey”, a sincere project that shows the essence of LAKH.

Grey, a color that has an endless spectrum between 2 absolutes, symbolizes endless possibilities by non-stop trials of blending in and breaking boundaries, and it translates to the wide range of items the brand has created during this 5-years-long journey. To live in grey is to feel at ease with opening to new ideas, which is precisely what LAKH upholds.

On a more literal meaning, the 5th anniversary pop-up is furnished in a home-like style, with a series of items presented in grey, including clothing and lifestyle products. 

意指 10^5(10 的五次方)去命名的 LAKH 始於 2016 年,並以「Innovation Matters」理念,去為一眾 Sneakerheads 不斷帶來穿着意念的突破,透過源源不絕的創新設計來供需。而在每周年紀念,LAKH 亦預備好不同企劃作賀,四周年時與日本街頭品牌佼佼者 LAFAYETTE 聯乘丹寧系列,亦有聯手兩個打從創立便合作的友好夥伴 HUSKY 及 SECOND KILL,共建一系列別注產品。繼而更開設首間概念店,從線上走到線下,讓一直支持的愛好者能夠親身體驗品牌為鞋迷們所帶來的配搭服裝。

霎眼五周年,品牌繼續密鑼緊鼓地帶來不同企劃,當中包括前陣子聯乘設計品牌 TOPOLOGIE ,移師至尖沙咀 The ONE 商場的全新選物店 LAKH SELECT,引入全球各地多個品牌的產品,繼續作多元發展。然而五周年企劃籌備豈止於此?重磅規模緊接而來!適逢 Pantone 發表 2021 年度色為 Ultimate Gray(極致灰),而灰色從來是介於黑和白之間的一系列顏色,通過不斷嘗試融入和打破界限,象徵着無限的可能性。這五年間,LAKH 同樣無間斷地堅持創新,樂於接受新的想法,因此便以灰色作為軸心塑造本年壓軸服裝系列,透過同色異調,配合異素材構製出多款衣物單品。

為更切合灰調主題,LAKH 便突擊於銅鑼灣開設期間限定店,以「Living In Grey」貫穿整間店的裝潢,營造出如家一樣的體驗,在這要先歸功於 Start From Zero @ratscave_sfz 團隊,為整個空間賦上意義,店內擺放着由他們特別為 LAKH 所製作的傢俬,全部都以灰色來設定,再配合 SFZ 的標誌手法呈現。

To make the 5th anniversary project one of its kind, we have accented it with a specifically designed logo. Formed by clean lines and curves, the geometric shapes present the number “5” in different areas and sizes. It delivers the message that it is jointed by the different LAKH labels and also efforts from a variety of parties, we can make LAKH 5 this year. The main structure of the logo also symbolizes a badge, remarking the growth of the brand in these 5 years. As an interesting side note, by connecting the letter L and A, you will also see a reversed 5 in roman numerals.

除視覺上的享受,服裝亦是環環相扣,先發亮相便是以品牌標誌去貫穿的多款單品,全新 LAKH 標記當中的每個圖像或字型都是從簡單直線曲線精煉而成,可以從大小方形和弧形中逐漸剝繭抽絲,微妙地看出「5」這個數字,就如品牌不同的服裝支線及各人經歷貢獻所組成的 5 周年,當中以結構線圍繞的「5」亦像一個徽章,象徵着這五年來的成長;與此同時,LAKH 字體中的「L」與「A」連接,細心倒轉 90 度的看亦變成一個「5」字,彰顯出另一個小趣味。

Continuing with the ambition of demonstrating our attitude on a comprehensive view of lifestyle, LAKH has co-created the pop-up with different brands. For the atmospheric interior, we have invited Start From Zero to create the whole set of in-store furniture that blend in the style of both brands. Stylising in different shades of grey, the iconic patchwork craftmanship is shown especially on the coffee table and wardrobe, they deliver the custom messages from LAKH in a subtle way: “5” from the pentagon table and “LAKH” pattern on the side of the wardrobe.

Decorated by Pause Rewind & Fast Forward, the main window is filled with delicate and graceful flower arrangement in a matching tone like a garden. We hope to offer an immersive experience that feels like home, letting everyone to enjoy the stay, so we have also teamed up with beverage brands, Taboocha and Miss Pisces Creations, to provide drinks including the healthy kombucha in creative flavours and specially mixed coffee and latte in grey.

Not to miss out the highlight coming soon, we have been working with 5 artists from different genre, and they will be taking turns to showcase their artwork that shares the same characteristic, grey, in the coming months, together with merch that blends in their work and fashion, a new attempt by LAKH to link up fashion with more meanings.
店內空間亦由不同單位共同建構,Start From Zero 的訂製專屬灰調傢俬、花店 Pause Rewind n FastForward 悉心布置的乾花櫥窗、Miss Pisces 雙魚小姐限定研製的樽裝咖啡, 以及大熱本地發酵茶品牌 Taboocha 的特調飲料等,都為着這回五周年限定空間付出重大心思。

先來詳談關於 Start From Zero 的傢俬設計,是次為突出「Living in Grey」的主題,SFZ 將所有傢俬都賦上灰色來映襯,衣櫃、椅子、桌子、鞋櫃、茶几等都整體地表現出來。而衣櫃上木紋紋路,細心地看可以發現到是「LAKH」字樣,足以顯現其特色所在;還有傢俬設計亦圍繞着「五」這個概念構想,以彰顯出 LAKH 五周年的意義。

緊接着的便是與多個單位呈現他們為 LAKH 五周年所創作的藝術作品,並將分階段於 LAKH「Living In Grey」 Space 當中展示,還有為着五周年的重磅聯乘項目,各位請緊密地留意着浪接浪的資訊。
OPENING HOURS: 12:00 - 21:00